My Hobby

Having Fun With

Artificial Intelligence

Hello dear reader,
This part of my website is my hobby. Actually, this whole website is a hobby. People have told me that it isn’t very professional … but what can I do?
I’m a photographer, not a web-designer, so this is about as good as it gets 🙂

Everything you see on this website has been created and produced by myself.
But, there is a bit more to me than simply being a photographer of FemDom!

In the beginning, I started my career as a computer programmer. Photography was a hobby. During the nineties I was a goth/punk and so were many of my friends. I took some photos of my goth girlfriends … so you can pretty much understand how one thing lead to another!

I quit my job as a programmer and started my own photography business, covering weddings, commercial and fashion. During a wedding shoot, I met the owners of a horse carriage business and I started doing work for them. This led to more equestrian based work at a variety of riding stables and events.  This is actually where I met a few of the first models for my Cruella magazines. So, yes, many of my early models were actually dominant in reality 🙂

Currently, I am experimenting with AI and using elements to manipulate into my photography, with a variety of available AI generators on the internet.

I am also looking forward to your contributions (I mean ideas and suggestions). Anyhow, keep checking back to see what I get up to with my hobby!