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I create CUSTOM SHOOTS … this means I work with the models for the day to create as many clips as possible during that time. So I am charging for a complete production package, NOT individual clips!

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  • Day shoot for lots of clips.
  • Non-exclusive & Completely-exclusive options available.

An ‘Exclusive’ shoot means that all material shot is provided to you completely. I assign you with all rights. This is the most expensive option because I will charge a fee for my work on top of the model and location fees. This is the best option if you require complete privacy for the material or if you wish to re-sell on your own platforms.

A ‘Non-Exclusive’ shoot is a less costly option. In this case, you will only pay for the models and location. I will supply my equipment and work without fee. You receive content but you will not be allowed to resell it. I will make my fee by selling content on my own platforms.

I am looking for

New Models

Calling fetish and femdom models, new & experienced. If you would like to work with me creating custom clips for my clients please contact me.

Content Sharing for


We work together to produce material. There is no fee either way. I do not pay you and you do not pay me.

Time split 50/50 so we each have our own clips for our individual respective platforms.

Content Sharing for


Whether you are an experienced fetish clip producer or just a beginner.

Half the time each to create 50/50 product.