Herstory 1991 Photosets

In 1991 I created a Fantasy World of Females in Power and so the Herstory of Cruella began!

Welcome to my photo collection page. As I work through my archives I will upload photosets frequently. I must say that it has been very interesting searching through my image and film archives. It has been bringing back some wonderful memories.

I decided to create this section of my website so that my old fans can reminisce with me, taking us back to the nineties when I first created The Fantasy World of Cruella!

To celebrate the release of my latest mug which depicts the most important aspects of the Herstory of Derbyshire I am giving away your choice of ANY FIVE sets from my photoset series from the nineties!

To qualify for ANY 5 of the Photosets below you will need to purchase my new special edition ‘Beautiful Derbyshire’ mug before the end of July 2024. After you have ordered your mug, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you email me to request your FREE Clips. This is important so that I do not send links to buyers who just happen to buy it from another link 🙂

You can also select another 5 clips if you purchase ANY of the other mugs from my store!

Collection 010 Annette And Zena Pt 3

Photoset / ZIP / 5.01MB

Collection 009 Annette And Zena Pt 2

Photoset / ZIP / 4.01MB

Collection 008 Annette And Zena Pt 1

Photoset / ZIP / 5.02MB

Collection 007 MC Boss Bitch

Photoset / ZIP / 2.57MB

Collection 006 MC Gun And Car

Photoset / ZIP / 3.16MB

Collection 005 MC Temple Zone

Photoset / ZIP / 8.11MB

Collection 004 Attic Domination

Photoset / ZIP / 3.31MB

Collection 003 Business Boss Lady

Photoset / ZIP / 7.97MB

Collection 002 FemDom In Fur

Photoset / ZIP / 12.33MB

Collection 001 Girls In Fur

Photoset / ZIP / 27.35MB