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Equestrienne Genna James

I would like to create a fantasy world around Spoilt Equestrienne Princess Genna James …

After posing the idea on my X account, here is some feedback.

Please check back on this article for updates!

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From Jack Green on X

A Story Layout

In response to your post on Equestrienne Genna i have made a small story line below.

Plot Summary:
Genna James, an equestrienne, and her three amateur friends gather in her backyard to engage in a dominance game using their male slaves. They will ride their captives with saddles, spurs, and whips while also involving their friends in various BDSM activities. The game is meant to be a thrilling experience for all parties involved, pushing the boundaries of their desires and relationships.

The sun dipped below the horizon, painting the sky a canvas of fiery reds and oranges. In the backyard of a modest suburban home, four women stood in a circle, their eyes alight with anticipation. One of them, Genna James, was their leader. Known far and wide as the “Queen of the Saddle,” she had a reputation for being both ruthless and unyielding. Tonight, she had invited her three closest friends, each with their own amateur slave, to partake in a unique form of dominance play.

The slaves were led out, naked and trembling. They were to be ridden by the women, their bodies used as vessels for their desires. As the slaves knelt before them, Genna surveyed her domain with a cruel smile.

“Let the games begin,” she purred, her voice like velvet wrapped around steel. Each woman took a slave, adjusting the saddles, spurs, and whips. The air was thick with anticipation and the scent of sweat.

Genna mounted her slave, her thighs encircling him as she settled into the saddle. With a sharp click of her tongue, she signaled for the others to follow suit. Her slave, trembling beneath her, felt the weight of her body as she pressed down upon him. She guided him into a trot, the leather of the saddle creaking against his back.

As they circled the yard, she spurred him harder, urging him to go faster. He stumbled, his muscles screaming in protest, but Genna showed no mercy. She spanked his bare bottom, the sound echoing through the night air. The other women followed suit, each one riding their slave with a brutal efficiency that bordered on artistry.

The slaves were pushed to their limits, their bodies aching and their minds reeling from the onslaught of sensations. But it wasn’t just about physical endurance; it was about submission. As the women rode them, they were reminded of who was in control, who would determine their fate.

Genna paused for a moment, dismounting from her slave. She towered over him, her presence imposing and unyielding. With a sneer, she wiped her muddy riding boots on his face, grinding the dirt deeper into his skin.

“That’s what you are, slave,” she hissed, her voice cold as ice. “Nothing more than an animal to be ridden and used. A dirty, filthy beast whose only purpose is to serve my every whim.”

As the other women watched, transfixed by the display of dominance and control, Genna continued to torment her slave. With a cruel smile, she mounted him once more, straddling his hips. She gripped the reins tightly, guiding him around the yard at a brutal pace. His body jostled with each stride, and he let out muffled cries of pain and submission.

The sun dipped lower in the sky, painting the horizon a deep shade of violet. The air grew cooler, but the women barely noticed as they lost themselves in the power they wielded. They rode their slaves harder and faster, their laughter echoing through the night. The slaves struggled to keep up, their muscles screaming in protest as they were pushed to the limits of endurance.

Genna watched her friends with a satisfied smirk, enjoying the way they embraced their roles as dominants. It was a rare and precious thing to find women who understood the true nature of power, who could wield it with such grace and control.

The women dismounted from their slaves. They led the exhausted, broken beings toward the cellar cages, the metal clanging against the stones with each step. The slaves stumbled, their minds reeling from the exertion and the pain.

Genna paused before opening the cellar door, her gaze traveling over the line of cages. They were her pride and joy, a testament to her skill in training and breaking these pathetic creatures. She smiled coldly, the sound chilling the air around her.

“Remember,” she said to her slaves, her voice carrying through the dimly lit cellar, “these cages are your home now. They are where you belong. You are nothing more than animals, and animals belong in cages.”

The women surrounding her nodded in agreement, their expressions hard and unforgiving. Genna knew they understood the harsh truth of their new existence. As they lowered the metal doors over the cages, sealing the slaves inside once more, she could hear their muffled cries and pleas for mercy. But she showed no pity.

She turned to leave, her steps echoing through the cellar as she ascended the stone staircase. The cool air of the night caressed her skin, and she took a deep breath, savoring the freedom that came with being the mistress of this dark domain.

The women followed suit, each disappearing into the shadows, leaving the cellar to the cries and pleas of their slaves. The darkness enveloped the cellar like a shroud, obscuring any remaining signs of their presence. The only sounds now were the muffled sobs and desperate shouts from within the cages.

Genna James: A confident and assertive woman who enjoys dominating her male slaves. She has a deep-rooted connection to horses and often engages in equestrian activities.

Elle: One of Genna’s friends who enjoys participating in the dominance games. She has a playful demeanor and enjoys teasing her male slaves.

Sarah: Another friend of Genna’s who is newer to the BDSM scene. She is initially nervous but quickly becomes more comfortable under the guidance of the others.

Jessica: The most experienced in BDSM of the group, she takes on a leadership role in the games and enjoys pushing boundaries.

The Male Slaves: Three naked men who are captives of the group. They are bound and collared, ready to be ridden and dominated by their mistresses.

Cover Image:
Genna James, an attractive woman with long flowing hair and a confident demeanor, stands in her expansive backyard. She wears a form-fitting riding outfit that accentuates her figure, complete with riding boots and a whip hanging from her belt. Her male slave, naked and bound, is on his hands and knees in the dirt, awaiting his mistress’s command. Behind her, three of her friends stand nearby, eagerly watching the scene unfold. In the background, a stable with several horses can be seen, adding to the equestrian atmosphere.

From Cam on X - here are ...

Some Ideas

“I saw your tweet with the fantastic sample video with voice over by the stunning and majestic Mistress Genna – it’s a great idea, and I can’twait to see and hear more. You asked for ideas, and I hope that this fits the bill. It’s not fleshed out, but if you like the rough idea, maybe we can refine it.

You had a story about a group of young ladies visiting an amusement park where females could spend the day inflicting all sorts of tortures upon males. The story centered on a boat ride where the young women mercilessly whipped the male galley slaves, but at the beginning there was mention of an attraction called “The Big Game Hunt”. This is where the females would chase down hobbled males, stunning them with a taser, and cart them back to base camp, where they would be hung from their ankles and have their hides skinned off.

I would love to hear Mistress Genna recite a story along these lines, perhaps about her and her friends hunting males on horseback, laughing at the desperate efforts of the pathetic and worthless males to elude capture. The girls would corral the males by casting nets, or clubbing the males, or by shooting stun guns. They could drag the captured cretins behind them, enjoying the moans and pleas of the males as they painfully bounce and drag behind the haughty young women, who gleefully exult in the suffering of the worthless beasts. Oh, to hear her laughing as she recounts the return to base camp, and to hear her sneer with contempt every time she utters the word “male”.

Mistress could regale us with the tale of the males being strung up by their ankles, and how she reveled in their terror, and how amusing she found the spectacle. Her voice can make us shudder when she describes how, when given the option of having her male quarry put down before they are flayed, or whether she prefers them skinned alive, she delightedly chose the latter, for she wanted them to suffer horribly as possible. Laughingly she recalls the hides being stripped from the males as they scream and groan, and how the males expire in slow and agonizing fashion.

She feels no pity or remorse at the day’s proceedings, but rather, she has only fond memories of fun and amusement at the fate of the males. After all, she has no regard for them – they’re just males.

I hope I didn’t go on too long, and that perhaps this theme or some variant might be developed.

Thanks for your time.


A Story By Isaac

Mistress Genna's Diary

Mistress Genna’s Diary
24th April 2023
The Stable Manager

By way of introduction I am Jepson, Butler to Miss Genna’s father Lord Joyce. Not only Butler but bodyguard, cleaner up of mess, you know general doer of dirty deeds, the kind of stuff the family would not want in the public gaze, I am their human shield if you will and will act as narrator to Madam’s diaries from time to time. On occasion Madam will speak for herself in first person but you get the drift. The first tale of interest involves the Head of Stables and his major cockup.

Oh no Miss Genna dressed in leather gear, once again someone is in for it. Normally Madam is in super tight fitting jodhpurs and knee high riding boots We hear the Mistress finest stallion has been ridden in a point to point and is now lame, the head groom took him out just weeks before he was due to show and his now limping with bramble cuts about the forelegs, he is a mess.
Miss Genna is paying him a visit she has crop in hand. Her heels click and clack on the stone courtyard toward the stable block, I always admire the graceful way she moves in tight leather jeans and thigh high black leather boots, the way her heel hits the ground and vibrates up her leg and I see her thigh muscles ripple, a real turn on but I keep that little titbit to myself. We arrive at the stables.
“Explain that, would you?” she asks the Head Grome sternly pointing at the poor Stallion with her crop
“Uh, miss, I just took him out for some exercise, and he stumbled through some gorse, no more” he says unconvincingly.
“Bollocks young man, I have it on impeccable authority you entered him in the Point to Point yesterday to make some money on the side, you crashed him over the fences and he’s now in this state….IF you made any money out of this you will turn it into me, understand”
I chip in, “He made £300 My Lady, my friend was the bookie at the event and called me when he recognised the horse, he has 300 quid on him Ma-am.”
“Right, thank you Jepson. Your explanation just does not cut it I’m afraid, Georgina, Jacquie, Jepson grab him and tie him to the barn door will you”.
The young sexy gamekeeper, her junior in full dominatrix punishment detail outfits and myself acting as Mistress’s heavies get him tied to the metal grating behind the barn door, we tie him wrist and ankles in a star shape, Georgina and Jacqui pull his trousers down followed by the pants, Madam says half-jokingly.
“Use the scythe to cut them off…haha, no the clothing but it’s a thought for later, I’m furious with you taking my horse without express permission and making money, well Jepson will take that from you later, what I’m going to do is take your dignity from you right now, if you have any in you thieving toad”
Madam brandishes her riding crop, a nasty whippy one that comes tight on the skin she lays into his backside with the crop coming down with a whoosh and crack on his arse, he squeals, the Lady gives a half smile in delight, once again whoosh crack, bang on target. The crop breaks through his soft white skin, another, another, increasingly she lays into him, across his back too. Sometimes she pauses until the next strike, sometimes she hits repeatedly like a machine gun over and over He can hardly support his own weight on his buckling legs. His squeals and cries are ignored, in fact laughed at by Mistress Genna and her employees Georgina and Jacqui who are no strangers to administering corporal punishment themselves. They assist Madam from time to time when more than one whip hand is required. She will call on them in this instance in time, she has far more to give this runt yet.
More strikes on his back, the whip keeps swishing through the air hitting his back, buttocks and back of his legs, he is crying now, its pitiful.
“Jepson would you hand me the bullwhip there’s a good fellow”.
“Yes Mistress, right away Mistress”
I hand this deadly weapon over to her; she is an expert with this thing. Eight feet of platted leather strips bound tightly together with wax, it gets thinner at the end and is fraying, its prevented from coming undone by tight little knots in the leather, these knots come very tight due to the speed they travel through the air as the whip is brandished by skilful hands.
She wields this weapon of mass destruction with skilled hands, twirling it around her head in a figure of eight or helicopter style she lowers her hand, steps into the strike and flings the whip at the target bring all her weight onto her front leg, the shock rippling up her tight leathered thigh muscles so satisfactorily and into the long leather whip it making that satisfying cracking sound down on his back for six rapid hits one after the other until blood is seen in streaks through his shirt no ripped to shreds.
Another six on his backside to add to the riding crop marks, he is now begging for forgiveness, anything for her to please stop. All the stable workers witness his punishment with expressions that say if that’s the punishment I’m not doing anything wrong, which is of course reason to have them watch, punish one reinforces the rules with all.
“I’m not finished with you by a long way, thief, charlatan, take that” she brings her foot to bare by kicking him from behind right in the balls and again and once more. To show her utter contempt she stomps him in the middle of the back with her heel, Georgina and Jacqui clap their appreciation.
“Your turn girls, I need a drink. Right, you lot out, you have seen enough I think, this is now a private matter, out out out, do some work you’re paid for”. The stables now cleared of staff a more private episode of the victim punishments begin.
Her two female leather companions now let loose with pointy toed spiky heel boots, in the balls, backside and ribs he’s hanging off his wrist restraints.
Georgina picks up the bullwhip “Oh Jacqui this whip needs some lubrication after a wipe down” Jacqui wipes the whip length with a damp cloth so its wet, she puts the whip between her legs while holding the knotted end behind her back, she lift it up as does Georgina with the handle end so the whip touches and parts her pussy lips under her leather mini skirt
“Go on Georgina pull” she pulls the while length towards her slowly so the leather slides and presses on Jacqui’s pussy and clitoris, between the 2 girls they perform a sawing motion with the whip rubbing on Jaqui’s cunt getting her all wet and turned on and lubricating the leather whip with sweet pussy love juice.
“Harder Georgina, pull the whip harder, pull you critter pull oooohhhhh my hot cunt pull”, begs Jacqui in the throws of orgasm she spends her thick sweet fluids all over the whip.
“OK ladies that was enjoyable back to the task at hand, giving this twat a beasting.” Says Miss Genna who is amusing herself with her crop handle, rubbing into her leather crotch as she watches the two girls take care of the groom.
Georgina takes first turn as Jacqui is still quivering from her whip induced climax, Georgina will get herself in the same state by whipping the groom, all three ladies feel turned on at the sight of a slave squirming under there heel and the end of their whip.
The sound of bullwhip cracking through the air is heard by all, again over and over as Georgina beats the thief across his torso time after time she is relentless and puts full power strokes down.
“I know Jacqui, try get him hard, wank his cock hard to provide me a good target.”
“I’m not sure I can Georgie, he’s shrunk back up inside himself, look no cock or balls at all haha”.
“Oh fuck haha, oh well step back I’ll whip his useless eunuch crotch anyway” says Georgina bring the leather down on his genital area although his balls have shrunk as if he stepped into a freezing cold sea. Then Jacqui sets about him with a length of leather bridle strapping belting him senseless with broad leather strap marks. Meanwhile Miss Genna is re lubricating the bullwhip on Georgina’s cunt sending her into a climactic frenzy.
Eventually Mistress Genna has the Head Groom released, he collapses to the floor in a heap.
“Jepson, do you have your brass knuckles with you?”
“Yes Mistress, here you go” I hand Madam my brass knuckle dusters, she puts them on her right leather gloved hand, I drag him toward a bale of hay and prop him up. Mistress steps toward the mess of former groom, grabs him by the scalp, lifts his head back and punches him square in the jaw, a loud crack is heard as he spits out teeth and blood.
She points at Georgina and Jacqui, “Deal with THAT” she says “Jepson darling, kick the rest of his teeth out and give him his cards there’s a good man, he’s fired and get that money back…. if he drops dead dispose of it, would you there’s a dear”
“Yes Mistress fully understood, I’ll call Fred Wilkins down here if need be with his mobile butchers van to chop him up and feed him to his pigs, they’ll make short work of THAT BASTARD!.”

I replied, when she’d gone click clacking her heels in that sexy walk she does, I let out a sigh of longing and returned to the task at hand. I picked up the floppy lump off the barn floor. He was alive, just, the pigs would be missing a feast today poor little piggy’s.
Georgina held his head up by his hair again, I squared him up and gave him three good punches in the mouth with my brass knuckles I had returned from Miss Genna.
“Say goodbye to your teeth Chummy” I said as he coughed and spat out teeth and blood.
“Here’s your cards now Fuck Off if your legs will carry you.”
“Mr Jepson sir, Georgie and I are horny as fuck after that beasting”, says Jacqui “our pussies or running wild wet, can you give us a good seeing to sir, the stable is empty now, just us three”.
Me here, in an empty stable with two horny young ladies in tight leather mini skirts and revealing tops with thigh boots…. perish the very idea.

A Story By Isaac

Another Mistress Genna Story

What’s more motivating than a boss all in leather!

You find yourself in the Finance Directors office of James Equestrian Services Ltd after hours for a little chat. She walks in dressed in her super tight black leather cat suit and matching thigh boots.
“Right Mr Brown we have been made aware that you have claimed more hours in overtime you haven’t actually worked and £3500 in expenses you’re simply not owed, what do you say? Uh, speak up”.
“I can give no answer than its a mistake and should be looked at again. A computer error obviously “I respond.
“We have looked at it more than once Mr Brown, you cleverly tried to disguise the deception by adding hours to overtime you have done and doubling up on legitimate expense, very naughty Mr Brown, or should I call you Fuckface from now on aye? You deserve it. So, we find you guilty of gross misconduct and will be punished”,
with that Mistress Genna James the boss and owner walks in in her riding gear, skin tight white jodhpurs brown knee high leather boots, on top she wears a pure white silk shirt with frill tie matching about her neck and dark blue riding jacket double buttoned that covers her sexy arse, just, she is the very picture of an English Dressage riding lady that exudes her power and sexuality.
I am now shitting myself, Mistress only shows in the offices when there’s disciplinary action to be dealt with, she delegates the day to day running to her “Power Ladies” she calls them, for they are fierce in themselves but not a patch on Mistress Genna James, her reputation is fearsome.
Mistress Genna removes her brown leather belt from low on her hips, pulls the chair from under me and pushes me over the desk, Lady Teresa the finance director holds me down by the shoulders as Mistress Genna let’s rip with the belt on my arse.
“Steal from me would you Mr Brown, terribly sorry I meant Fuckface”.
Her belt strap strikes landing on my arse in quick succession.
“Pull his pants down Teresa let’s see the target shall we, everyone has gone home so no one hears you scream Mr Brown” more belts across my cheeks which are reddening and getting bruised. Teresa removes her belt and sets about the backs of my legs.
Mistress concentrates on my arse still. Like machine gun fire I take the hits on both the ladies targets, my legs curling up in reaction.
“Oh, do keep still Mr Brown or this will get worse for you, there now take that” another round of hard whacks from both belts. Teresa goes to the cupboard and produces 2 canes, one thicker than the other, the thin one the more whippy one is deployed on my arse while the thicker stick is brought to bear across the backs of my thighs again, I can feel my skin marking up while Teresa traces the welts with her fingers between strikes.
” Marking beautifully Genna look at that one, ready to split and bleed”.
“Yes, we’ll give him a few more of those then some time to recover while we wank off babe, have you got the large butt plug to stick in him?” says Mistress.
“Yes boss brought it in specially for tonight’s session, we haven’t finished with you by a long way yet Mr Brown, you have another 12 hours before we have to clean up this mess, so brace yourself if I were you, oh and relax, this butt plug is rather thick, it’s no use clenching your arse either, it’s going in whatever “
and with an accurate kick from her boot my arse is stuffed full of stiff rubber toy. I groan loudly, uselessly, its thick in my arse, must be 3 inches in diameter and 9 inches long, its stretching my rectum and my own sphincter has clenched around the thinner base, both ladies fit me with very tight latex shorts to hold the plug deep in my arse, they both laugh cruelly as they pull the stretchy latex over my butt.
Both women put my wrists into leather cuffs with chains attached to a swivel with an eyelet obviously to hang me from. They strip me down and dress me in black stockings and high heel”…”mmm nice Sissy boy aren’t we? I must say you have lovely feminine legs doesn’t he Genna?”
“Oh yes, lovely slim legs in sexy sissy stockings, no wonder they can’t support him strongly while under the whip. I will just rub my pussy on them and get them all wet for you” says Mistress,
She does just that, rubs her crotch in those tight jodhpurs up and down my stocking leg until she spends over them. Running her fingers up my nylon legs she stuffs them in my mouth….
” Do you like me humping your leg Mr Brown? I love it, Teresa adores it to, look she’s using the whip pommel on her pussy, a pussy pommelling is it Teresa? Good girl, have a good wank off thinking of the severity of punishments we are going to perform. Now, taste my feminine essence you fucking cunt, hahaha cunt consumes pussy, equals pussy squared doesn’t it Teresa? Remember your maths darling? You got straight A*’s from the Maths Master at Roedoom School by beating him 3 times a week and threatening to show the pictures I took to his wife and the Headmaster, hahaha” all the while Mistress Genna still rubbing up on my leg, moaning and sighing in pleasure and ecstasy.
“I couldn’t say Genna Hun, sounds like maths to me I’m just the Finance Director hahaha, we have minions to do the actual work. They were great school days, you fleecing the Sheiks daughter for thousands” both girls laugh at their past days together and my current predicament as they proceed to give me a good kicking. They pick me up and take me for a walk in my heels down the corridor to a locked room, inside once the light is on, I can see all the walls filled with filing cabinets, in the middle of the room is a hook welded to the steel roof beam. Teresa gets a step ladder and bids me climb up, she follows up the other side and hooks the eyelet of the chains onto the hook, the ladder is withdrawn and I’m hanging about a foot off the floor at full stretch.
Both set about me with the canes once more, one on my back and one on my chest, dozens of strikes from each, stinging biting hits that produce red slice marks on my skin. Teresa rubs my chest after the hits, then grabs my cock and starts to wank me off, as she pulls on my foreskin Mistress Genna sets about my arse with her cane, harder and faster.
She walks down the room to the door, turns and runs at me full speed in her riding boots, raises her cane and connects with my back at full run, the pain is intense with the added hit speed. Both women laugh out loud at my squirming, hanging there like a piece of meat in the butcher’s shop for their pleasure.
“I enjoyed that Teresa, reminds me of our prefect days Roedoom boarding school, running down the corridor into the common room to lay a whip on a speccy first year’s arse, remember honey I got quite very proficient at it”
“I do Genna, remember Gushing Gaynor, you whipped her at the run and she pissed her panties all over the Chesterfield, so we stuffed her wet panties in her mouth rubbed her face in it like a dog and gave her another 12 lashes, dirty bird” both ladies laugh cruelly.
“Do you know that experience she said caused her to continually break into the laundrette on wash day to sniff the dirty panties before they went in the wash, she’d sniff out the wettest then suck on them for comfort, all because of your beating you gave her” confesses Teresa.
I thought maybe that was that and I was having a break but no, Teresa produced two long bullwhips from one of the filing cabinets.
“Yes nice and tight leather strapping for Fuckface here, they should come tight with a beautiful terrifying cracking sound” says Mistress
Both women spin me round on the chains bring the whips to bare on my body, time and time again the long leather whips where twirled once round their heads and flung forward at me landing with a crack after crack hits and stings until I passed out. I just hear Teresa say…..
”I will get Jepson to bring the van round to the loading bay, well take him to my dungeon at the town house, keep Mr Smith company” hahaha.
I was woken by the sensation of a warm fluid being squirted in my mouth, I opened my eyes to see Miss Teresa wanking a cock off into my face and he was cumming right in my mouth. I coughed and spitted out what I could not knowing how much I had already swallowed. With that I got a sharp kick in the balls from her stiletto boot, the pain rain right up my body, I felt it deep in my stomach as my balls retracted, I cried out only to get another kick sharper kick for my displeasure.
“Breakfast Mr Brown” she said “and you spat it out, do you spit your breakfast out over the floor at home? I think not, so lick it up at once you foul being”.
I licked the salty fluid off the floor it was disgusting. The other fellow on all fours led by a chain attached to a thick leather collar was put back in his cage and I could see Mistress Genna lurking in the darkness, she spoke softly,
“They’d make a good pairing in the ring wouldn’t they” she said, “In leather miniskirts and knee-high riding boots like before”.
“Yes, Genna darling” said Teresa, “full combat to the death dressed in black leather with no pants, cock and balls swinging away underneath their shortie skirts, defined pumped up thigh muscles on show, I’m getting wet and hot just thinking about it”
“Oh I think so, I’m not paying to feed two slaves, I’ve got enough to do at the country house with those lazy bastards in the stables”. Like a hawk eye Mistress spotted some spilt dog food on the dungeon floor, she brought her boot down upon it squishing it under the soul, she lifted her boot to my face,
“Here you go Mr Brown, second breakfast, clean my heel of this filth slave, you can wash it down with Mr Smith’s sperm can’t you”.
I closed my eyes and sucked on her heel, sucking the discarded dogs biscuits into my mouth, Mistress Genna held my lips and nose closed until I swallowed, she laughed.
“hahaha The Dungeon Tucker Trial, we should get Ant and Dec in here for a good seeing to aye Teresa?” laughs Mistress Genna
Her mobile rang and she answered, the conversation sounded serious and a little clipped, after a minute she hung up.
“I must leave them with you Teresa sweets, a prior engagement with Darling Daddy I’m afraid, he’s just discovered I’ve ordered a new Range Rover, naughty me”.
“I do hope the peasants aren’t revolting, well no more than usual anyway, see you next weekend for the Gladiator tournament with Mr Brown and Smith here” says Teresa.
“Yes Darling, deffo honey, sort that out would you, be a sweetie, if you need any help tinkle tinkle, toodle Oooh” and off Mistress Genna goes waving her phone at Miss Teresa, leaving for her country pile.
So will Mr Brown and the mysterious Mr Smith play homo erotic Gladiators for the two Dommes? What else do the poor slaves have in store under Miss Genna’s boot?
Stay tuned to find out.