Vixen – Our First Shoot

December Dedicated to

Mistress Vixen

Since meeting Mistress Vixen and working together over the years we have become very good friends.

I am dedicating every day in December to her as a thankyou for her friendship, care and support over the years.

She has been one of the most important parts of the Cruella family and is a truly beautiful person on the inside as well as her obvious beauty on the outside.


It seems to be appropriate to start this months series of feature right from the very beginning …

17th March 2004


I met Mistress Vixen for my very first photoshoot with her.
As part of the features that I was producing at the time I had created a series called ‘Smoking-Femmes-Fatales’.

We met at Darley Park in Derby on a cool day. I thought that she was a great model with a lovely personality.

After the photoshoot she asked me if I had any jobs going because she really wanted to try working on the other side of the camera. To cut a long story short, she began working with me as my assistant. She quickly picked up camera work and editing, handling one of the cameras alongside myself on our shoots for Cruella.

So, as you can appreciate, Mistress Vixen has been an integral part of Cruella from very early in its development. Perhaps some of you will be surprised to learn that many of the clips you have watched over the years have been filmed by Mistress Vixen herself! Of course, the lucky slaves on those shoots will have very fond memories of the great fun we had on shoots.

Here are a few photos from that day …

“This cheeky smile says it all”