The Playroom

Lady Cassandra opened the door to her playroom, and ushered the slave in. She noted his apprehension as he looked around the gloomy, sinister room.
Her playroom was just beginning to take shape.
She was still scouring the catalogues of fittings and punishment equipment, still deciding how she wanted it before setting her slaves to work in fitting it out. At the moment it was bare, save for a small pillar, decorated with the same marble as covered the floor, and a steel punishment frame. She knew, however, that in the dim light the very emptiness, with the dark decor, was just as forbidding as a room filled with punishment devices.
Lady Cassandra sat herself on the pillar, ordering the slave to lie on his back beneath her. He sat down and lay back, but before he had a chance to stretch out his legs a sharp stiletto was driven into the thick muscle of his thigh. He hissed in pain and surprise, but stayed where he was.
“Put your other leg down,” he was ordered.
He did so, and the tip of Lady Cassandra’s whip came to rest on his crotch, prodding at his semi-hard prick.
“What the hell’s that? A soft cock’s no good to me, I want you nice and hard like you were for Lady Jenna.”
Without warning, she drew the switch back and slashed down into his crotch. The servant howled in unexpected agony as the tip of the thin whip sliced into his balls.
The Domina ignored his cry, and soft moaning as the fire in his groin faded to a dull throb. Absently, she picked at the small pieces of straw that had become caught in the fishnet she wore beneath her tight outfit.
“I’m going to get changed now,” she told him, punctuating her remark with another vicious cut to his bollocks, again answered with a satisfying howl of pain. But I’m also going to fetch my bullwhip. If your cock isn’t rock- hard and ready for my pleasure by the time I return, I’ll flay your hide.”
The switch sliced down twice more in quick succession.
“Grab hold of the bar.”
The slave looked down at his cock, attempting to burst through the material of his pouch, before looking back up at her quizzically.
“But, Lady Cass…”
“This isn’t a punishment stupid. This is foreplay.” she said, smiling. “Although, if you don’t do as you’re told…”
Quickly, the slave turned and grasped the steel bar. He braced himself.
The crop swished down, cracking across the centre of his back. Lady Cassandra paused a moment, watching the red stripe rise, livid where the leather tab at the end had bitten into the flesh.
She hit him again, once more waiting to admire the rising stripe, then brought the crop down a third time. She worked into a steady rhythm, becoming excited as she covered his back with the vivid red marks, but careful to restrain her blows. She enjoyed his cries, watching in fascination as his hands clenched the bar and the muscles in his back tightened with each stinging blow, but she was careful not to overstep the mark – at least not until she’d made use of his magnificent cock, she thought.
He knelt there, breath coming in short pained gasps as the result of Lady Cassandra’s vicious “foreplay,” until she grabbed hold of his hair and yanked him round. She held him for a moment, revelling in his pain and submission, then twisted his head towards her.
“You can begin by worshipping my thighs, slave.”
She held him to her, lips brushing her soft white skin just above the top of her thigh-boot.
He began to kiss her softly, revelling in the feel of her firm flesh, but it wasn’t long before the insatiable domina was bored with that.
Stepping across, she pulled his face into her crotch. “Lick,” she ordered.
The slave began to tongue the leather of the G-string, lapping at it eagerly, before the domina dropped her crop to pull it to one side.
The slave renewed his efforts, thrusting his tongue up into the soft pink folds, hungry to taste the wetness that soaked the excited pussy.
Lady Cassandra moaned with pleasure as his rough tongue flickered over her hard little clit, before beginning to tongue-fuck her once more. She let go of his head, and stepped back a pace.
She planted one booted foot squarely in the centre of his chest and, with a savage thrust, sent him sprawling onto his back.
She unfastened the G-string, let it fall to the ground, and walked forward so that she stood astride him.
She dropped to her knees over his crotch, reaching down to rip the pouch from his body and fling it to one side.
She grasped his rock hard cock, lowering herself until it’s throbbing red tip brushed against her moist lips.
She let go, and with a cry thrust down, impaling herself on the huge member.
She began to move, sliding up and down the full length of the slave’s prick.
She placed both hands on his chest, bearing down on him to steady herself as she began to move faster.
She began to rake at his chest, playfully at first with the tips of her nails, then harder, gouging deep scratches in his skin.
She became more sadistic as she built towards her climax, grasping and tweaking his nipples, then twisting them savagely.
Soon, he was providing the moans of pain that Lady Cassandra considered an essential part of sex.
She was close to orgasm, and could feel the slave’s cock twitching ads he fought to contain his own climax. Leaning back, she grasped his damaged balls, digging her nails in and squeezing hard.
“Now, slave,” she ordered, her voice full of excitement. “Pump all your spunk into me.”
The slave, relieved, stopped holding back.
His injured balls contracted, a wave of pleasure sweeping over him despite the pain.
Lady Cassandra came too, as she felt the hot sperm flood her quim, arching her back and crying out with delight.
She stood over the slave, and prodded his limp cock with the toe of her boot.
“What did I tell you about keeping your cock ready for me?”
She walked over to where the bullwhip lay and picked it up, coiling it in her hands.
“But… but, my Lady, I’ve just come. Surely you can’t expect… I mean it’ll take a little while to…”
His pleading was cut short as the bullwhip snaked through the air and lashed against his naked body.
He screamed in agony.
As he tried to crawl away, begging and pleading through his agonised cries, the whip bit into him again and again.
Lady Cassandra caressed herself as she continued the merciless flogging.
She only faltered from time to time as another orgasm shuddered through her, then resumed her pace.
Although she loved to make use of pleasure slaves, screwing all night and wearing one stud out after another, nothing could compare for her to the effect of wanking herself to orgasm as she whipped a slave into oblivion.
As she came again, and the cries that had echoed around the room became weaker, she wondered how she would explain to Lady Jenna about her latest “accident”.