Slave To Suffer

“I’m contesting for a large piece of land next month”, remarks Lady Reannon.
Lady Tanya forces her heel into the small of servant Shane’s back, causing him to grunt in pain, and enquires, “Who against?”
Lady Reannon replies “Lady Jenna”.
“Lady Jenna!” she exclaims. “Surely she could simply outbid you with her money?”
“Yes, I know”, sighs Lady Reannon.
“But I think that she just matched my best offer in order to try and humiliate me with a servant battle.
With equal offers to the owner, it means that we will have to contest for it.”
“What’s she up to? She might be an arrogant conceited bitch, but she doesn’t usually resort to petty arguments.
Have you upset her recently?”
“No”, replies Lady
Reannon, “but I hear that she is training a new Mistress and has very high hopes for her.
I think that this contest has been arranged just to serve as a test for her”.
Lady Tanya forces her heel harder into the back of the servant beneath her, and Lady Reannon crushes her heels into his legs.
They both seem a little happier as they listen to his moans of discomfort.
“Lady Reannon continues “The bitch doesn’t need that land; it’s remote from hers, but it’s right next to mine. It would increase my hunting area immensely.”
“Have they chosen which method is to be used for the contest? asks Lady Tanya.
“Yes, as if you couldn’t guess – Servant Stamina”, she replies.
“You’re probably right then; just an exercise for Mistress Vanessa.
I hear that she’s pretty good. Mind you, the contest won’t be one-sided”.
“What do you mean?” asks Lady Reannon.
“Well, Mistress Vanessa may well be good with her whip, but she still has to fell your chosen servant before her servant falls under the lash of your top Mistress.”

“I also hear that Lady Jenna is fairly low on the stronger servants at the moment due to her fondness of her favourite pastimes.
You see she tends to prefer to hunt the healthier and stronger ones, both on horseback and in the Target Arenas as they provide her with better ‘sport’.
Apparently, she seems to get carried away with the amount that she ‘uses'”.
Lady Tanya places her boot close to Shane’s mouth and instinctively he begins to lick the heel.
Though his reactions are correct, Lady Tanya still brings her crop sharply down onto his backside, simply because she enjoys hurting him.
Lady Reannon places her heel onto his back, digs it in hard and then drags it down his back.
Shane gasps in pain as it scrapes painfully down towards his backside, but dares not to stop licking the boots of his Lady.
Lady Reannon laughs at the ‘insect’ beneath her boot.
Suddenly, her face changes to a frown of annoyance and she stops dragging her heel down his back.
“Annoying isn’t it!” she exclaims, “how she gets away with it.
All that bloody money and she can do what she likes.
If we wanted to hunt prime specimens, then we would have to put in for a special hunt permit for each event and even then there’s a chance that it would not be granted.
I know that we do hunt without permits more often than not, but at least we do it quietly without drawing attention to ourselves. Lady Jenna doesn’t care whether anyone knows or not, she simply does as she pleases; Lady bloody high and mighty.”
She stands onto Shane’s back, crushing him into the carpet, her left boot forcing down into his lower back, and her right boot grinding into the back of his neck.
She rests a hand on Lady Tanya’s shoulder in order to maintain her balance whilst standing on him.
Now, Shane pinned down and gasping for breath under her full weight, and with a sharp heel twisting into his neck finds it impossible to continue his task of cleaning his Lady’s boot.
“Who gave you permission to stop worshipping my boot, you piece of filth!” demands Lady Tanya.
She steps forwards and rests her heel onto the back of his hand and slowly presses down.
As Shane cries in agony, Lady Tanya feels sure that she can detect a cracking sensation beneath her heel.
She stops pressing down with her heel and turning to Lady Reannon, says “We’d better not damage him too much. I know he’s not much to look at, but he’s got a lot of stamina. I can remember how it took a fair length of time to break him in. You know, male pride and all that, but eventually he gave way as they all do. You can use him, if you like”
Lady Reannon steps down from his back and thanks her friend for her kind offer.
Shane pleads with his Lady to change her mind and the two Ladies laugh at the look of absolute fear in his face.
“Such insolence will not go unpunished”, responds his Lady, “I have offered your services to my friend and you shall withstand the whip from Mistress Vanessa next month. For your pleading in respect of this matter you shall receive twelve lashes from the whip of Lady Reannon and a further twelve from my riding crop. Now get your back across this chair at once!”
As Shane lays across the chair, the two Ladies flex their whips almost lovingly and position themselves on either side of him.
Lady Reannon smiles at her friend and says “We can discuss which of my Mistresses to use against the opposing servant next month as we make pretty patterns with our whips on his hide”
“Yes, and I have got another piece of good news for you. His brother is also my servant. If this scum should fail us in the contest then I shall make sure that his brother suffers for it. Perhaps a spot of prison with Supreme Guard Aphrodite. I’m sure that we can concoct some serious crime against a Lady to stitch him up good and proper” laughs Lady Tanya.
“Please, please, no….” begs Shane.
Even as he begs, the first stroke from the bullwhip scorches like red-hot fire across his back, with a satisfyingly loud cracking sound.
Shane bellows in pain and the two ladies laugh.
“Then you’d better survive next month hadn’t you!”