Rise & Fall of Men’s Lib

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“I’m sorry to interrupt my lady, but something serious has happened; I think you ought to know.”
Guard Julia stands in the doorway of Lady Tanya’s playroom.
With her hands on her hips, she caresses her evil coiled bullwhip.
Lady Tanya relaxes, watching television. She sits on a bench with a kneeling slave as her footrest.
She turns to look at the guard, impressed as ever with her superb physique. Her eyes glint with admiration as she glances at the large and .firm breasts that are barely concealed by the flimsy chain top and tight belt worn by Julia.
“That’s all right my dear” replies Lady Tanya. “What is it?”
“You’re not going to believe this but one of the new slaves brought in from overseas has been spreading these stupid ideas about something called Men’s Liberation.”
Lady Tanya stubs her cigarette out on the back of her footrest’. She looks distinctly puzzled.
“Men’s Liberation. What on earth does that mean?”
Guard Julia is nervous. She might be blamed for the breakdown in discipline.
“I know it’s far fetched, but he believes men deserve equal respect and rights with women!” Guard Julia spits out the words with contempt.
“I thought ideas like that were stamped Out centuries ago” replies Lady Tanya.
“I mean, just look at this cringing cretin.” She swings her pointed boot and catches her kneeling minion in the soft spot below his ribs. “He’s an inferior strain of humanity and he knows it.”
“Yes, my lady” agrees Guard Julia.
“But somehow, this one’s slipped through the net. I thought of whipping the hell out of him there and then, but it might be beyond that. He’s been spreading his crazy ideas amongst the others.”
“You’re right my dear” agrees Lady Tanya. “We need to make an example of him. We have to crush him underfoot in front of everyone. The Men’s Liberation movement must be stamped out once and for all.”
She rises from her seat and kicks out at her terrified slave.
He knows she’s very angry and when she’s angry a slave always suffers.
He just hopes to God it won’t be him.
He hears a click just behind and for an instance imagines that Guard Julia has drawn a gun; he freezes for a split second, tensing himself for the explosion. It doesn’t come and he turns to see her lighting a cigarette.
He doesn’t know why he suddenly feels relieved – it’s so strange that he should be so anxious to stay alive, when all that is ahead for males is a life of slavery and misery. It is so strange that a human, though a lowly male, should hang on so tenuously to every thread of life, knowing that only pain and agonies are his future.
Perhaps this will change; perhaps one day he will give in and welcome the darkness and peacefulness of oblivion.
But now he will carry on and hope against all hope that things will change – maybe this `mens liberation’ thing is the beginning of change.
Suddenly, he is brought to his senses as a riding crop cracks viciously across his face. This is instantly followed by powerful kick that smashes straight into his jaw, sending him flying over onto his back.
Through blurry, tear-filled eyes he can see Guard Julia as she straddles him and then sits down heavily onto his face.
“Pleasure me!” she commands.
He starts to lick and suck. For five minutes Guard Julia gyrates her sex over the eager mouth and darting tongue, moaning with pleasure. She looks at Lady Tanya, and with a cheeky grin, raises her riding crop as she nears orgasm. Then with a furious flurry, she slashes it down, again and again, into his groin. As he jerks and jerks in unimaginable agony, Guard Julia grips him tightly in position with her powerful thighs and continues to rain blows down onto his privates as her orgasm surges through her, soaking the slave.
Finally, she releases her grip and the quivering wreck rolls around, clutching between his legs and gasping for air.
Guard Julia stands and straightens her tiny splayed skirt as Lady Tanya prods at the slave with the toe of her boot.
“Looks like you’ve put them into a state of dis-repair; I shall just have to have him put down”.
The slave clasps at her boots, begging for mercy and Lady Tanya simply smiles. The more he grovels, the more power she feels, even though it will do him no good. The slave wails in despair – now he will never know if equal rights for males will ever be possible.
“Take this scum away for ‘ever’!” commands Lady Tanya, “and bring to me that piece of shit who dares to spread such ideas!” Guard Julia grabs hold of the whimpering slave and drags him away to his fate.
Guard Julia leads in Slave Richard by his ear. He crouches behind her, his crisscrossed back arched so her arm is at a comfortable level.
“On your knees” orders Lady Tanya.
He does so.
Although he feels his suffering is unjust, he recognises the reality of power.
He won’t provoke punishment without good cause.
“So you’re the specimen that questions the natural balance of power?” Lady Tanya steps forwards and slaps his face, first with a forehand and then with a stinging backhand.
“Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t trample you to death under my sharpened stilettos?”
Richard is terrified but sticks to his principles.
“My lady, I ask you to recognise that men are also human beings. We have feelings like you. We feel pain just as you do. We should live in a world of tolerance and equality.”
His voice tremors as he speaks. He has never seen a lady exude such power and authority before.
Lady Tanya can scarcely conceal her contempt. She lights a cigarette and smashes her hand across his face again. Guard Julia is furious, she prepares to lash his back with her bullwhip but Lady Tanya signals her to wait. “You pathetic cretin, if you could see yourself, kneeling and trembling before me.
How can you possibly believe you deserve respect?”
She turns to speak to Guard Julia, “I’d love to crush this insect here and now. Trouble is, we don’t know who he’s influenced. I could get rid of everybody he’s been in contact with but that would be expensive.”
She draws on her cigarette and exhales a jet of smoke into his eyes.
“I’m going to challenge you, slave. Let’s see whether men deserve equality. We’ll compete in three challenges, of intelligence, skill and strength. How does that sound?”
“Very, umm, generous, my lady. But if I prove my point, what will happen to me?” “I’ll set you free” smiles Lady Tanya. “What’s more, I’ll grant all the slaves one week’s holiday.”
Guard Julia gasps. A holiday for slaves! Totally unheard of.
“But if you fail and I think that’s a foregone conclusion, you’ll get a week of the most agonising suffering that you could ever imagine. You’ll endure pain you didn’t think possible and we’ll whip the other slaves within an inch of their lives. Is that understood?”
Richard nods.
He’s not confident it’ll be a fair fight but at least there’s a prospect of freedom. That straw is always worth clutching at.
Lady Tanya steps forwards and kicks him in the solar plexus. He rolls around in agony whilst she exhibits a cruel, knowing smile. “Get him out of my sight” instructs Lady Tanya. “And tell the other slaves about our deal. I want their hopes raised, temporarily.” “Yes my lady” concurs Guard Julia. She’s nervous about the risks but she also has complete faith in Lady Tanya.
The slave is led out by the ear. Lady Tanya inhales on her cigarette and reruns her plans of complete triumph over this irritating interloper.
The first contest, a trial of intelligence, is a game of chess.
The board is set out on a patio table. There’s a small audience of females and males. The slaves kneel on the concrete floor. Their presence is more than symbolic; Lady Tanya wants them to see the complete humiliation of their champion.
The female guards stand in a line behind the men. their whips trail alongside, it’s all too obvious, the women itch for an excuse to put their weapons to work. There’s general concern amongst the ladies of the estate, they feel all the nonsense about `Men’s Liberation’ should be stamped on, quickly and violently. They can’t understand why Slave Richard still survives, and with a chance of freedom. Lady Tanya’s thinking is more sophisticated. She knows a dissident has to be discredited, otherwise he becomes a martyr. She strides confidently to the table; there is applause from the audience, the males take their lead from the overseers.
Guard Julia enters with Slave Richard kneeling besides her. She releases him from his dog lead and he crawls to take his place.
The women hiss. Some men are close to applause but are too concerned with their own preservation.
Lady Tanya lights a cigarette. She inhales deeply and blows a cloud of smoke into Richard’s face.
He coughs and splutters. Sweat pours off his brow. In contrast to the serene calmness of his opponent, he knows he fights for his future. What’s more, he’s never had the privilege of playing chess against the ruling sex. Despite his views, he can’t shake off the conventional wisdom that women are far more intelligent than men.
Lady Tanya toys with her victim, there is really no contest. She has a razor sharp mind; within twenty moves she homes in for the kill.
“It’s only fitting the queen is the most powerful piece, don’t you agree?” smiles Lady Tanya as she takes another pawn.
Richard hangs his head as his king is trapped. Lady Tanya slaps his cheek hard. “First blood to me” she announces. “We’ve established men are mentally inferior; now get your rear end over that chair. I’ll make sure you always remember this lesson.”
He has no choice but to obey. After all there are still the tests of skill and strength to come. He’s more confident of winning these. For now, he must accept his punishment and wait for another day.
Lady Tanya swings her cane with gusto into Richard’s backside. Aware that he’s a standard bearer for the men, he grits his teeth and tries to take the pain without too much a fuss. Lady Tanya recognises the challenge and redoubles her efforts. She lands a perfect overlay which has Richard twisting off the chair and floundering on the floor.
Lady Tanya pins his neck down with her her heel.
“I’ll have mercy on you, for now. I don’t want you thinking the only reason you lost the contest of skill was because you were unfit. Just remember the suffering that’s coming your way if you lose. Plus, of course, the whipping you’ll be causing your friends.” She gestures to the guards who begin to crack their whips across the backs of the slaves kneeling in front of them. Lady Tanya lets them relieve some of their tension, but stops them before it goes too far. She doesn’t want to spoil the eventual climax.
Day two brings the second challenge, an archery contest. Targets are set on the main lawn in front of the house. Again, there’s a large audience. News of the unusual events have spread widely and this time Lady Karla is here. She sits in a comfortable garden chair with a kneeling slave as a footstool. As she draws on the cigarette, resting in her long holder, a second male licks the soles of her boots.
Once more, Lady Tanya is calm and serene. By comparison, her sweating opponent looks nervous and fumbles with the bow as he waits.
Just in case he has plans to misuse the weapon, Guard Julia stands close to him, poised with a gun. It does nothing to ease his nerves.
The tension amongst the herded slaves is almost imeasurable. At stake is the unheard of luxury of a week’s holiday if their man wins. If he loses, they realise the ladies poised behind wait for the signal to lash the skin from their backs. Though they dare not say so, many feel that Men’s Liberation is very sensible. Why should it be their lot to suffer all through life?
The contest begins and Lady Tanya scores a bull’s-eye with her first arrow. Her long hair blows gently in the wind. She looks magnificent. In contrast, Richard’s first shot loops up into the air and falls a foot short. There are hoots of derision from the females.
Lady Tanya fires arrow after arrow into the centre of the target. Her slave becomes increasingly flustered as he misses to the left, right and over the target. When he finally hits the outer rim, there are sarcastic cheers from the crowd.
The contest is soon over and Richard is down on his knees. This big brave exponent of equality is grovelling before his owner and begging for mercy.
“Please madam. I accept my punishment, but please spare the other men. It’s all my fault, they’re innocent.”
Lady Tanya is contemptuous. She places a boot on the back of his neck and forces his face into the mud.
“You see, slaves, here is your bold champion. Look how he grovels before his superior.” Several whips wielded by the guards tear into several backs to emphasise the point.
“But I’m going to be generous” continues Lady Tanya. “We haven’t had the test of strength yet.
I’m prepared to adapt the wager a little. Lady Karla has discovered that this slave has two brothers. Bring them here Julia.”
Guard Julia releases two men from a metal cage at the back of the crowd. she drags them on dog leads to the feet of their new owner. They wince to see the pitiful sight of their brother.
“Here are the new terms” announces Lady Tanya. “Should you win the trial of strength, your brothers will be set free and my other slaves relieved of the whipping we have planned. If you lose though, the stakes have risen. On top of the week of suffering, which is coming your way whatever, your brothers will join you, treatment by treatment. Lady Karla has kindly offered to help me; she has some delicious ideas to prolong your suffering”
Richard tries to speak but his face is deep in mud. Lady Tanya lights a cigarette.
“You have no choice in the matter. We reconvene tomorrow. Ladies, don’t overdo things tonight, we want our slaves fit to withstand their punishment tomorrow.”
Lady Tanya is in conference with research scientist Serina.
“So it just dissolves in water and it’s completely tasteless?”
“Yes” replies Serina. “I’ve tested it many times, no-one’s ever noticed they were thinking it.”
“And it lasts for at least an hour?” asks Lady Tanya.
“Oh, more like two, depending on the specimen. In that time he’ll be as feeble as a baby. You’ll be able to smash the living daylights out of him.”
“Don’t worry, I will” laughs Lady Tanya. “I’m going to knock him into next week!” She turns her attention to a man strapped to the wall. He’s tightly gagged to prevent him screaming, but his bulging eyes illustrate his state of distress.
“What’s happening to him? It looks Ian” asks Lady Tanya.
“It’s my latest skin cream” smiles Serina. “It attacks every nerve and simulates it close to breaking point. He’s got it all over his balls and on the soles of his feet.”
“Mmmm, it sounds excruciating” Lady Tanya laughs again. she always enjoys her visits to Serina. “I’d love to buy a jar of that too; I’ll have plenty of use for it next week” “Of course, my lady” replies Serina. “It’s always a pleasure to sell to someone who really appreciates my work.”
“Oh, I do, I do” agrees Lady Tanya. “Finding new ways to increase the suffering of the inferior sex. It’s a very noble calling, my dear.”
The two women smile at each other admiringly. They are on exactly the same wavelength.
“Drink it all up. Lady Tanya’s orders.” Slave Richard is slurping water from a dog bowl at the feet of Guard Julia.
“At least she allows me to quench my thirst before the final contest” he thinks.
This time he’s more confident. He’s used to toiling in the fields and is proud of his muscles.
Surely he can win a battle of strength? Perhaps Lady Tanya has become over arrogant.
Yet he still feels a nagging doubt. His opponent is so clever, will it really be a fair contest?
Ten minutes later, Guard Julia pulls him on a dog lead to face the crowds. Now his worst fears are confirmed. Guard Julia is virtually dragging him along. He can scarcely find the strength to put one knee in front of the other. He groans and shakes.
“Aha!” announces Lady Tanya. “Here’s the great champion of male equality. I must say he’s a terrifying sight. I’m feeling quite overawed.”
There is laughter and a few catcalls. The atmosphere is electric. The guards are in high spirits today. Some of them crack their whips in the air in expectation of events to come.
Guard Julia lights Lady Tanya’s cigarette. Lady Karla is again here to view the action. She uses her favourite footstool.
There is a marble table on the patio. Lady Tanya places her elbow on it. She is wearing sleek leather gloves.
“Come on, great male warrior. Let’s find out which sex is the stronger. It’s time to arm wrestle.”
“I… I don’t feel well” he whimpers, as he staggers to his feet.
“Oh dear, what a pity! Is your mighty courage deserting you perhaps?” sneers his owner.
Trembling, Slave Richard places his elbow on the table and the hand is tightly grasped. “Julia dear, hold my cigarette in an arc below this creature’s hand. It’ll make a nice target for me” instructs Lady Tanya.
Richard has a look of complete despair in his eyes. He sees his brothers locked in a cage just feet away. A guard stands over them wielding a cat o’nine tails. They look up at him imploringly.
“If only I hadn’t started all this nonsense about Men’s Lib, I wouldn’t be in this mess now” he thinks. “What came over me to question the natural order? Men can never win.”
Lady Tanya looks at him triumphantly. She has only to exert slight pressure and his arm starts to buckle. She toys with him, like a cat playing with a mouse. His hand is held a hair’s breadth above the lighted cigarette.
“It looks like the game’s up for our brave male here” taunts Lady Tanya before pressing his hand down slightly onto the burning tip. He screams in pain and she raises her hand a little.
Now you’ve put my cigarette out. How careless. Luckily I have another little incentive for you. Vanessa, my dear, did you remember to bring the special drawing pins?”
“Of course Madam” replies Vanessa, her lips curling into a sadistic smile. She empties the box and places a group of pins, point upwards, on the table below Richard’s hand. He looks in terror at the modified pins – twice as long as normal with barbs like large fishing hooks.
“No, please, I submit, I beg, please have mercy, oh pleeeeeease” he whines pitifully. “What price Men’s Liberation now, you pathetic creature” gloats Lady Tanya.
“I take it all back, I’m sorry, madam, I don’t know what came over me. I know now. Women are superior, they’re born to rule.” “Say that last bit again, but louder” commands his owner.
Women are superior, they’re born to rule” shouts Slave Richard at the top of his voice. The guards are triumphant. The natural order had been reasserted in no uncertain terms. How lucky they are to work for a Lady of such distinction.
The ladies are free with their advice.
“Crush him my lady, break him, take him out!”
“Sadly, your repentance is much too late to save your skin” smiles Lady Tanya. “You’re been beaten at tests of intelligence and skill. Now it’s time to settle the trial of strength.” She forces her slave’s hand down onto the drawing pins and leaves it there. She views the picture of distress on his face with deep satisfaction.
To completely crush a man’s spirit is the greatest pleasure that life can bring. Especially one, rare in this day and age, who dares to show resistance to the supreme authority of the female.
Richard is so robbed of strength, he can’t raise the slightest resistance. After a minute or two of sadistic glee, Lady Tanya releases her grip. Her slave gasps in relief and tries to pull the pins from his hand, unable to do so because of the barbs.
Lady Tanya is far from finished. Now she has the bit between her teeth (metaphorically of course). She swings her left hand round and smashes him in the temple. Slave Richard collapses in a crumpled heap on the ground. The ladies are baying for blood. Lady Tanya lifts her victim by the hair.
“So much for male equality” she snorts, bringing her pointed leather boots into action, kicking him in the rump, in the ribs, in the face, anywhere that becomes exposed.
By now whips are cracking everywhere. The slaves are cursing this stupid interloper that causes them nothing but grief. Men’s Liberation, what a ridiculous idea! Obey, obey, obey, it’s the only way. Any other course brings unspeakable suffering and pain. The guard releases the slaves from the cage and lays into them with a bullwhip. Lady Karla stamps her boot into the small of Richards back and grinds her heel in as she reaches down to pull his arm up backwards. He cries in agony as his arm is bent unnaturally and the heel digs in further. Then he screams as Lady Karla pulls out the drawing pins.
Lady Tanya tosses back her hair in triumph. She has reaffirmed her total command over the inferior sex. It’s one of her greatest moments she thinks as she jabs her stilettos down one more time. And there’s still the pleasure of a week’s imposition of suffering to come.

A week of torture and suffering and all ideas of male rights have been well and truly crushed.
Lady Tanya is taking her pleasures with Guard Julia. Dressed in a maids outfit, Julia looks so sweet and innocent, an image that totally belies her true cruel and sadistic nature. Lady Tanya rests her boot onto her slaves mouth, ordering him to lick the soles and clean away the debris from her relaxing day at the stables.
She puts more weight onto his face, crushing and trapping his tongue, as she leans forwards to accept a light from Guard Julia. They kiss and cuddle for a while with the slave still crushed beneath them.
Lady Tanya leans down, extending her cigarette. Automatically, the slave opens his mouth and dutifully swollows the ash that is tapped in. He accepts it with slavish gratitude. Any thoughts of male equality are removed from his consciousness.