Princess Cigarette Artist

Princess The Artist

Her Cigarette Art

A 4-Part Film.

Princess lights up at the bar and the barman tells her that she is not permitted to smoke. Of course this doesn’t go down too well. Soon he is overpowered and then the fun commences. She tramples him then straddles him and begins to make patterns on his back with her cigarettes. He is made to worship and lick her boots whilst she relaxes, sat on the bar. She crushes crisps into his face. Then decides to complete her artwork by writing her initials on his backside with her cigarette. She finishes off the artwork by sealing it onto his backside with her riding crop!

Part 1 … 6mins 38secs

Part 2 … 7mins 30secs

Part 3 … 9mins 23secs

Part 4 … 10mins 53secs