Lady Rebecca And Her Car

Ok, the bonnet is boiling hot. What do you expect when it has been running in this heat!

A good whipping should take your mind off the scorching hot bonnet.

Before I risk damaging my car battery …

… I will need to test the supply voltage using your cock and balls.

Many things have met their demise beneath these beautiful shoes.

Lick the filth off to demonstrate your devotion to them.

Time to put my car to good use again.

Fetch the dog lead, you are going for a walk.

This is great fun. I hope that you can run fast.

Useless peasant. Get up. I am not finished.

I heard a sound coming from underneath. Go and check it.

Stay still while I reverse. I will stop when the tyre comes into contact with your head. The clutch is a bit tricky so expect a bit of a bump!

I notice that you have gotten an erection. Were you looking at my breasts again, you foul peasant?
My tyres will soon sort that out … I am going to crush your cock and balls into mush!

During the photoshoot, a beetle strayed onto the set without permission.
Lady Rebecca was very offended by this intrusion and sorted it out … very slowly.
She despises ‘creepy crawlies’