In 1993 I created a publication called Cruella...
and Rogue-Hagen Publications was born!

Several titles followed Cruella, including Goddess, Victoria, Domina-Nation, Les-Dommes and Riding Cult. Rogue Hagen Publications became the best selling FD magazines with distribution in UK, Europe and around the world.

For the first dozen or so magazines I did all of the photography. For alternative styles subsequent issues introduced the work of a few other photographers. I laid out and edited each and every single magazine which was not so easy in the old days of powerless computers! Believe me, it was a job and a half, so unlike the ease of using modern day computers!

Then arrived the Internet
I adopted the internet very early, creating the worlds very first FD website and developing one of the world's first member site areas. Several years later I created a sister site called Desire-Her.

Leading Ladies
In the course of Cruella and Rogue-Hagen publications I have introduced some leading ladies to the world of femdom. Notably these include Mistress Vixen, Mistress Jo, and more recently, Lady Dark Angel ...

Andy Hagen

With thanks to Mistress Vixen

And Lady Dark Angel

And Mistress Jo