FOR SALE – Tape 2 Digital Transfer

From Master & Raw Tapes to

HD Digital remasters


Do you want to digitise any of your footage? Or maybe start a business transfering analogue to digital?

My Teranex Processor, computer and cameras are for sale … contact me!

Ever wondered how I created clips from my films originally filmed on SVHS and then DV tapes in ye olden days?

Basically by using a Teranex 2D processor. This is a hardware based digital conversion processor which can convert formats in real-time.

Linked to a computer in order to transfer film from any format (in this case, SVHS and DV tapes) and produce digital files in raw or compressed formats of choice.

HARDWARE UPSCALER. Actually upscales formats in real-time from SD to HD including various crop and processing controls, via software and hardware input.

Teranex 2D Processor. Can be used STAND ALONE to convert from tapes including VHS and DV etc to convert to another format. 

Preview shows video and other details regarding conversion parameters.

Can be linked to a computer to create digital files in required formats transferred in REAL-TIME.

This powerful laptop SPECIFICALLY built for this file conversion transfer (using THUNDERBOLT tech) is also available for sale.

You can record tapes direct from cameras or record live footage in a variety of codecs including RAW.

Ideal for live streaming to Youtube etc … setup typically used by institutions like churches etc.

Also available for sale are 2 Sony Z7s

Convert all of your old SVHS or VHS tapes to computer to create editable files or DVDs