Eat Crushed Food By Goddess Dommelia

Adores Crushing Slaves & Anything else!

Goddess Dommelia

Goddess Dommelia eats a wrap sandwich and chews it in her mouth until it is well chewed and spits it down onto her slave. She crushes into the floor beneath her boots and then presses the filthy soles onto his mouth and makes him eat it off her dirty soles. She continues by crushing the rest of the spat out sandwich and making him eat it off her boots. She stands on him and rubs her boots soles across his mouth forcing him to lick the remains clean. Then she crushes some cherries and makes him eat those splattered remains and lick her boot soles clean.
Goddess Dommelia continues by crushing chocolate maltesers into the crushed cherry remains creating a hideous mixture splattered across her boot soles. She towers above her slave and presses the soles of her boots onto his mouth and forces him to eat and lick the disgusting crushed mixture. She crushes more and stands on him, her full weigh crushing down on his squirming body. She makes him lick her soles whilst standing on him. She wipes her boots on his cock and balls, not caring how much she hurts him.
Goddess Dommelia crushes more chocolate maltesers and makes her slave eat the crushed remains from the bottom of her boot soles. She stands on him, trampling his puny body beneath her full weight. He really starts to suffer beneath her, as the full weight of her body presses down through her thin heels!