Desktop Punishing

Photostory by

Rogue Hagen

It was a bright, sunny morning and I was in a pretty good mood. My dole cheque had arrived the previous day and I’d been out
with me mates in the evening and got totally wrecked. I strolled into the Job Centre and had a quick look around the walls at the employment cards. There was never any jobs so I never really used to bother looking properly. What I always did was worked my way round towards the birds at the desks by pretending to be studying the cards. You could always glance to one side and get a terrific view of the tarts as they crossed their legs or bent over to look in the filing cabinets. Anyway, there I was, having a shufty at some blonde who was bent over showing off her minge, when I get this tap on the shoulder.
“And what the hell do you think you’re doing?” asked this snotty bint who reckoned she was the manager.
“What does it look like?” I snorted.
“Would you like to come round to the office and have a chat?” she asked, Well, I didn’t need asking twice. She wasn’t too bad looking.
As I followed her out of the main office and into the back, I thought to myself, “Yes! Give it one, my son!”
As we went up the stairs I had a good sniff around her arse. Pity she never had a miniskirt on, but I could still see the curves of each of her bum cheeks thrusting against her long, dark skirt. My trousers were bulging like a sack of horny ferrets.
At the top of the stairs she opened the door to this office and went in. I was just about to follow –
“Wait!” she snapped.
I leant up in the doorway wondering what her problem was. No problem I thought, as she lowered the blinds. She turned round and sat on the desk with her skirt falling open around her legs. Tasty pair of pins. For the next thirty seconds she sat there looking at me.
“What…?” I asked, looking down to see if me flies was open.
“Do you really think that you’re going to get a job?” she asked in her lah-di-dah way.
I shrugged. It didn’t bother me one way or the other.
“Oiks like you should be forced to work,” she said. “You lack training, and you lack discipline. What’s your name, anyway?”
“No, not anyway,” I laughed, “it’s Terry.”
When she smiled at me I knew I must be on to a winner. Then she waved her finger at me and beckoned me in. I went in and shut the door behind me. She was still smiling so I knew she was begging for it.
“Would you like to be trained?” she asked.
“Yeah,” I nodded.
“Why don’t you take off your jacket – Terry?” she purred like a pussycat.
Say no more. I undid my buttons and hung my gear up on the hanger behind the door. When I looked round I wondered what the hell she was playing at.
No kidding she had this stupid looking school cane in her hand. I nearly burst out laughing.
“Come here, Terry,” she said, all soft and gentle.
So I did. Then she unbuttoned her jacket.
“Wow! What a pair of jugs!” I thought.
Her blouse had a load of buttons up the front, which is where I wanted to get. I puckered me lips and moved in for the kill. But she pushed me away. Not hard, but she did push me away.
“You don’t even know my name, do you?” she said.
I couldn’t quite see what her name had to do with me fucking the arse off her, but I played along and asked her anyway. “I’m Miss Sawyer,” she replied.
A bit formal I thought.
“Like saw yer?” I joked.
She smiled but didn’t say anything. A bit stuck up. A cut above. She pointed to a file on the shelf and told me to give it to her. No problem.
As I held the file out towards her, she quickly got up and took off her jacket.
The phone rang and she told whoever it was she didn’t want to be disturbed. I wasn’t going to stand there waiting for her like a pillock, so I put the papers on the desk. Next thing I knew she grabbed me tie and yanked me towards her.
“Ow! Get off! That’s me tie.” I shouted.
With that, she’s pulled it even tighter and stuck the point of her pencil in me face.
“Shut it. And keep it shut until I tell you.” she snarled.
The way her mood changed put me off me stroke for a minute. She told me to put my hand flat on the file and hold it there. I asked her what for and she just told me to do it.
Before I could say anything she’d stuck the pencil in the back of my hand. Naturally I yelped and tried to pull it away. Unfortunately she had other. ideas and dug it in even deeper. It was agony.
“Hurt, does it?” she asked.
“Course it bloody hurts!” I blurted.
Her hand came up and grabbed me by the hair. Thud! She banged my head on the desk. Thud! Thud! Thud! My head was spinning. “Don’t swear, Terry. It’s not nice. Do you understand?”
Yeah, yeah,” I protested, She banged my head again.
“Not yeah. It’s yes, Miss Sawyer,” she said.
“Yes, Miss Sawyer,” I repeated, my head full of stars.
“Take the top sheet out off the file and then put it back on the shelf,” she ordered.
“Chop! Chop! You are a lazy one.”
I did what she said and looked at the sheet. It was like some sort of kiddy’s exam paper. She told me to take the test paper into the corner and complete it – in thirty minutes – or there’d be a punishment in it for me. At first I laughed, assuming she was joking. That was until she swiped me round the face with the cane. It stung like buggery.
“Do it now,” she snarled. Then she gave me another crack round the ear with the cane.
As I looked at the questions she put her feet up on the desk. I glanced over and her skirt had ridden right down her legs so that she was almost showing off her knickers. What a pretty sight.
“You’d better get on with it, boy, or it’ll be a very sore backside for you,” she cooed.
My first thought was to get up and walk out. Why should I put up with this? But just as I was about to do it she gave me a real bad look. Her eyes went dark, almost evil, and she bent the cane between her fingers till it almost snapped. Rubbing the dent in my ear I decided I’d better not rile her up.
The first question was some old nonsense about the kings and queens of England. I didn’t have a clue. The next question was to do with an electron microscope. No idea. The next was about the ecosystem of the Brazilian rain forest. So it went on: explain the characteristics of a proton; recite and interpret three works by the poet Shelley; discuss the rise of the Pentecostal movement in the 1960s; describe photosynthesis; illustrate the female and male reproductive systems,.. At last there was a question I could do. For the next half an hour I amused myself drawing a picture of a big dick, a pair of bollocks, a little fluffy pussy and a huge pair of tits.
“Bring your paper here,” she said, looking at her watch.
I handed it over with a grin. She stared at it for about a minute.
“So, you’re even more stupid than I thought,” she said. “Is that what your penis looks like?”
“Yeah,” I answered with a wink.
“You disgusting pervert,” she boomed.
She whacked me so hard round the face I fell onto my knees. “And address me properly,” she added as I clutched my head. She leapt to her feet and lashed me with the cane. I tried to protect myself but she started lashing me all over, As I curled up into a ball she kept hitting me across my back. Eventually she stopped.
“Let’s get rid of this,” she said.
Before I knew it she was ripping the shirt off my back. It was one of my best shirts but by this time I was too shocked to say anything. The buttons pinged off across the floor and the material tore open. She was strong., Very strong. I hoped that now was the time I would get the chance to fuck her. No such luck. She squatted back on the desk, kicked me in the chest and ordered me to kneel before her. My eyes followed her long luscious legs upwards until her skimpy knickers were fully in focus before me. I licked my lips, my cock stiffening like a poker. As she leant back and let her legs fall slightly apart I moved in for my reward. Her desire to hurt me was weird. But now any pain which I had suffered was about to be repaid a hundred fold as the aroma of her cunt filled my nose. I stuck my tongue in through the side of her panties and slipped it into her juicy hole. It was brilliant. I was licking her like the cat that got the cream.
Woof! Without a word her foot came shooting out and kicked me in the balls. I fell over, holding my plums and groaning. The pain was beyond belief. I looked up through a blur of tears and saw her staring down at me with a smile on her face. My chest was pumping fifty to the dozen. She’d totally knocked the stuffing out of me.
“Why did…” I moaned. “Did I kick you in the testicles?” she interjected. “Because you act like a dog. A worthless, ill-bred mongrel. Your tongue isn’t fit to be used as toilet paper. Lick it!”
With that she thrust her shoe up to my lips. It was smooth on my tongue and I got the smell of leather, perfumes and a hint of sweat up my nose. Strangely, it sort of turned me on.
“Gently,” she warned.
For the next ten minutes I caressed her shoes with my mouth. She inserted her long stiletto between my lips and softly rubbed it in and out, in and out, in and out…
It was like having sex.
I was raging for a fuck by now.
“Get up,” she said,
Her strong, slender fingers undid my belt bckle. She smiled and licked her lips as she slowly unbuttoned my trousers, one by one.
Finally she put her thumbs into my waistband and slid my trousers to the floor.
My dick was standing up in my pants like a tent pole. With the palm of her hand she gently rubbed the underside of my bulging ball bag. I was about ready to explode.
But I knew I’d better not try anything until she said so. She stood up, turned her pretty arse into my face and told me to undo her skirt at the back.
Naturally I obliged. She stepped out of the skirt and left me on my knees holding it. I wiped the sweat off my forehead. It was unbearable all this teasing.
I had to screw her – soon! Then came the real crunch.
“Now my panties,” she said softly.
I swallowed hard and gently eased her knickers down across her thighs and past her knees until they were round her ankles.
My hand crept up and touched the wonderful curve of her thigh. Whap!
Her cane swung round and caught me across my arse. Her finger wagged at me like I was a naughty schoolboy.
“You can look but you don’t touch. Understand?” she asked.
I nodded.
“Bend over the desk,” she ordered.
I hesitated and she yelled at me to do what I was told.
In a second I threw myself across her table.
It didn’t bother me because I had the chance to rub my knob on the edge of it.
She moved round in front of me and unclipped her bra.
Her tits were just magic.
Then all of a sudden she giggled and stuffed her bra hard into my mouth.
“How many strokes should I give you?” she asked.
I grunted and shrugged, more interested in sucking all the flavour out of her bra.
I felt the coldness of the cane rub across my arse.
I squeaked a bit as she yanked my pants up between my cheeks.
It took my nuts rather by surprise.
She bent down and whispered into my ear, “Ready?”
I tried to say no, but the bra was stuck in my gob Wh000sh! Crack!
I heard the noise and felt my arse burn all in the same second.
I jumped up from the desk, holding my scorched bum.
Literally I could feel the heat glowing off it.
“A bit of… munch munch… slap and tickle is one thing, but… munch munch …” I blurted through my stuffed mouth.
I didn’t have a chance to finish, she grabbed my head and literally bashed it down on the desk.
I nearly passed out.
“And stay down,” she yelled. “Wimp!”
As I tried to kick my leg out, another whack of her cane hit me.
As I wriggled and tried to spin round, I was hit with about ten quick, hard lashes across the side of my leg.
“I said stay down”,” she bellowed. It was agony. I thought I was going to die. Wh000sh!
I thrust my dick hard into the corner of the desk as she beat me again.
I tried to cover myself but she walloped the stick down on my knuckles so hard I had to move my hand out of the firing line.
“A bit of a pansy, aren’t you?” she said.
Me? A pansy?
No way, I thought.
I’d show her.
I gritted my teeth, gripped the edge of the table tight and let her do her worst.
No one called Terry a pansy.
The flogging must have gone on for at least five minutes.
Funny, but after a while I couldn’t feel the pain.
Until she started stroking my bum that is. Just softest touch made me flinch. I think she knew, how much it hurt. For a couple of minutes she just kept fondling me.
she’d finished she told me to get up and feel the marks she’d put on me. I nearly jumped out of my skin when I felt the cheeks of my arse. They were wet. At first I didn’t get it. Then I looked at my fingers. They were red.
My only thought was, “What am I gonna tell the lads when we have a shower after football?”
She pointed the stick at the floor and made me kneel down in front of her. A tap on the back of my neck and I got down onto all fours. Then she sat, full weight, on my back. My neck ached as she slid up and down my neck. I felt her warm, moist flesh rubbing me backwards and forwards. She was starting to pant as her cane kept prodding into me. After several minutes I was almost at the point of collapse. Without a word she stopped and got off me.
“Lie there,” she said, nodding towards the desk.
I lay down, face up. What was she going to do now? A moment later she carefully climbed onto the desk. I looked up and saw her ripe, peachy backside reversing towards me. As her cunt looked down at me from directly above, it started to get lower and lower towards my face. A moment later my mouth and nose were totally smothered by her dripping sex.
“Lick!” she snapped, and gave my turgid cock a little flick with the cane.
I didn’t need to be told again.
My tongue shot out and began to caress her swollen lips, searching out her lusty clit. After a couple of minutes her fingers gripped my cock. I closed my eyes and vowed that I wouldn’t shoot my load. I must hang on, I thought. I must.
Just the slight movement of her fingers was enough to set me off.
But I held on. Then, after all the carrying on, finally she slid forward and dropped her pussy onto my dick. I cried out and she was going wild, panting and moaning. My cock thrust inside her so deep I thought it was going to come out of her mouth. I still held onto my load. Up and down she went like she wanted to pump everything out of me. Her fingers rubbed inside my leg and then down to my bollocks. Bang! It just took that one tiny touch on my nuts and I shot my load. I felt like it was fireworks night. She kept on fucking me up and down, up and down for at least another couple of minutes. I had nothing left. I was a gonner.
The next thing I remember is waking up, still lying on the desk, with her shaking my head about by the hair. Her fingers pressed into my mouth and opened it. Suddenly I felt a warm lump on my tongue. Her hand quickly snapped my mouth shut. I looked up and realised as I saw her putting a lighted fag between her lips that I’d got a load of ash in mouth. She shook my head from side to side and I found myself swallowing it. The taste was disgusting.
She smiled at me and said, “I do love to smoke after I’ve had sex. What about you?”
I couldn’t say anything. I was too busy coughing. She opened my mouth again and this time deliberately flicked a red hot nugget of ash onto my tongue. I wanted to scream but she’d shut my mouth before I had the chance. I tried to wriggle but she gave me a slap round the mug and told me to lie still. When she’d finished smoking her fag she put her knickers back on, then her skirt, and told me to do up her blouse. “You come back here next Thursday and report to me.”
“Yeah,” I agreed.
“Yes, Miss Sawyer,” she barked, and gave me a smack round the head,
“Yes, Miss Sawyer,” I repeated.
With that she opened the door, grabbed my suit and threw it out. She kicked me in the balls and shouted at me to get out of her sight.
I hobbled out of the door a confused and spent man.
“One word to anyone,” she said, waggling her finger, “and you can kiss goodbye to any more dole cheques forever.” “Yes, Miss Sawyer,” I answered obediently,
“Good,” she smiled warmly. “Next week we’ll set another little test for you. All you need is education to improve your prospects, oik.”
“Yes, Miss Sawyer.” I said.
The door closed and as the voices downstairs hit me I realised I was starkers. I must be dreaming. I slowly felt the cheeks of my arse. They were a mass of cuts and ridges.
This was no dream.