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We work together to produce material. There is no fee either way. I do not pay you and you do not pay me.

We sell the clips in our clipstores and share the profits equally.

Experience NOT Necessary
You do not need to have experience with femdom/fetish filming, but you need to be keen to learn and have a desire to be involved.

  • Make much more than daily rates
  • Build a business for secure future
  • Royalties flowing in while you sleep
  • More work variety & interest
  • Career longevity

As a model you are limited to the amount of time available for shoots to generate your income. You appear in a shoot and you get paid … and that’s it!

Wouldn’t you much prefer to actually own the shoot material and continually make money from it, even while you sleep?

As a Producer, every shoot that you create will constantly be earning money for you!
As a Model/Producer you have an even greater advantage. You can also appear in some of your own productions.

Income derived from productions grows at an exponential rate and continues to arrive even while you sleep.

Content Sharing for


Are You a budding producer?
Maybe you have experience … or you are just starting out. You have good ideas but need help with the production etc.
In this scenario, we work together to produce material. You pay for the models and location cost. I work for FREE, supplying use of my equipment etc. We both have half of the shoot time to produce content both for yourself and for me. You have full control of your material and I have full control of mine.

Experience NOT Necessary